Spiritual Nightclub of the Soul

I saw a queue of souls all passing towards a large holding bay area.  The waiting area looked like some kind of spiritual night club, except no one was dancing.  There appeared to be a heavenly DJ looking down upon the dance floor.  Then, to add to the groove, incandescent blue searchlights roamed the dance floor from above.  My sense was that these strobe lights were somehow looking for souls that would best fit a new incarnation.

All the souls appeared to be unconscious, except for the DJ. They moved as if on a conveyer belt, similar to moving walkways at airports.  The main difference being that these heavenly conveyer belts were moving souls about at incomprehensible speeds.  It is possible, at their death, these souls did not have enough faith, or were carrying too much fear and pain, to pass consciously into the heavenly realms, and so were put to sleep in preparation for the next journey.