The Grand Master

On one of my journeys, I appear to ascend to the upper most reaches of my soul or most distant edges of our universe, at which point I saw a vision of a celestial being sitting in a rotating chair.

He appeared to be collecting and re-directing vast amounts of cosmic information to his unseen angelic host of assistants below him.

I wondered ‘is this God?’. Though really couldn’t get my head around how that could be possible – being that God in my mind is formless and encompasses everything.

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Down the Shute

One journey I appeared to have ascended into a heavenly abode where there where beings surrounding me.  As I reached out to touch one of them, I felt a flicker of my own desire and in a flash I found myself in a very different place.  By trying to initiate contact with one of these spiritual beings – without asking permission, I had crossed a boundary – and fell out of grace. It was like I had fallen down a garbage shoot into the bowels of this galactic mansion I’d been guided through.

I descended further and further.  The space I finally entered felt very empty. Once I reached the bottom, it was like I was sitting in a giant basin.  In the bottom of it there was a large drain into nothingness. I saw a dark fluid flowing into this drain. As it poured in, a tiny bit of luminescence was released.  My intuition told that this was a place of no return.   To pass through that drain was to become completely one with the unmanifested aspect of life, without any consciousness remaining. Or, it was as if the basic blocks of the universe, light matter and dark matter were being finely sifted – one element being consciousness and the other being presence or pure feeling.

Besides this eerie drain into nothingness, there was also some interesting bottom feeders, like cosmic decomposers, moving gracefully around the surface of the basin.  As they found something and ingested it, a little white glow emanated.  Like the cosmic drain itself, these scavengers seemed to be distilling light and dark-matter ready to be used to weave the dance of creation by the universe and its participants.  As I tried to ascend from this place, I became aware that I was in a labyrinth. Every time I passed through an opening upwards, I appeared in another version of where I had been.  Like a universal distillery or digestive system, the passages seemed endless.

After an indeterminable amount of traversing, I realised I was never going to make it out in a linear fashion – so surrendered to my inner sense of beingness or light within me to somehow lift me out.

Solitude Trench

During my soul journeys my consciousness appeared to traverse planetary, galactic and cosmic planes, that also corresponded with parts of my body. One morning, before dawn, it seemed as though I was delving into a deep watery realm or trench belonging to some oceanic location on Earth. It also appeared to simultaneously correspond with the right side of my torso and down my right leg. Drifting deeper into this trench, I became aware of an immense and beautiful sense of solitude.

As I continued to sink down into this otherworldly chasm, I felt increasingly compressed under the weight of intensifying solitude and peace. I descended for an hour or more, feeling the sublime beauty of this space. I found myself wondering about people I knew who had a strong need to be alone – and how easy it was for them to be judged for having this need.  I could imagine how this might then lead to pushing others away resulting in isolation and later depression. When I reached the bottom, I felt so compressed that I feared my light would be snuffed out – at this point I prayed for guidance. Then, as often would happen on these journeys, my consciousness miraculously resurfaced.

Core Star Library

I was travelling through a watery realm, I began to approach a luminous source of light. It was so beautiful and I dearly hoped I would be able to enter it. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be and I had to be content observing from a distance. For some reason the light of the realm reminded me a lot of my beloved wife’s soul.  It appeared to be a beautiful citadel or realm.

I could see beings of light swimming in and out of the radiant core. Intuitively, it felt like a sublime library where records and memories of different soul’s trajectory are stored. This is most likely why it reminded me of my loved one, as she’s and avid librarian and budding archivist. It seemed almost too good to be true, that our lives are so carefully and lovingly recorded in the heavenly realms.

Divine hors de’oeuvre

On a number of occasions, during my soul journeys, my consciousness appeared to ascend in order to be consumed by a cosmic Godhead.

In 2017, this Godhead felt as if it was of a local nature, either at a solar-system or galactic level. I felt ecstatic as I experienced various ‘ascensions’ followed by the exhilaration of coming back down to Earth.  I was starting to feel very ‘special’ until one morning I was given an objective view of what I had been experiencing.  I could then see that my ‘pleasant’ experience was actually my soul being ‘eaten’ or consumed by a deity. As I ‘descended’ through his spiritual digestion system, the light that was given to me at the top of the ride, was shared to other beings in various layers of this cosmic kingdom.

I felt indignant that, after weeks of being ‘purified’ and feeling very ‘spiritual’, I was actually being prepared to be divine hors d’oeuvre. After I got over myself, I accepted how interconnected life is.  It seemed only natural that, given how we prepare and eat bits of creation every day, beings higher than us would also enjoy our essence as some kind of food— though obviously not in the same fashion as we enjoy our food.  And it would appear, from a soul’s perspective, that being eaten is quite pleasurable and sacred for everyone, when done in the right way.

Galactic Olympics

On one of my journeys I saw massive beings of light playing some kind of ball game.  It seemed like our solar system, in a particular dimension has a celestial personality which interacts with the personality of other solar systems. Us humans, being a life form on Earth, somehow perform a kind of function in our Solar Personalities wellbeing, yet from our perspective we’re just doing what makes us feel good.
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Heavenly Real Estate

One evening, after many days of intense soul expeditions, I felt like I was taken to the core of our galaxy.  I believe I had journeyed here before, through various celestial portals. Though, to be honest, at times it was very difficult to know where in my inner-space I was, given the vastness and newness of the territory. A travel brochure would’ve been very useful.

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The Fiery Realms

There were many times during my period of soul questing, that I was overcome by a need to stop what I was doing during the day and surrender to an inner receiving.   These inner-receivings required me to close my eyes and allow a vision arise.  The visions often revealed beings in other realms performing some kind of task which appeared to be of benefit to humanity.

One of the first day-time visions I witnessed was of a spiritual entity riding a dragon like creature.  While sitting astride on his back, he appeared to be attempting to cool or manage an orb of intense fire that was bubbling and boiling ferociously.

My intuition suggested that this being belonged to one of the lower heavenly realms, which was greatly influenced by humanity’s current consumerist society. 

Eternal Flame

There were a number of times when I was guided towards a flickering red light that felt like it existed near the core of my being.  As I approached this light there was a sense of immense sacredness. 

The thought ‘eternal flame’ came to mind.  When I researched the concept of eternal flame I found a number of religious references to the presence and purification of God or divinity. In my transcendent state, approaching the light seemed to take for ever – as if it was housed in a vast inner void. 

I felt intensely curious, yet knew if I became attached to ‘getting there’ that my progress towards it would stop. 

So patiently, I would surrender to the will of the force that was guiding me.  On a couple of occasions, I entered the light itself, in a state of deep peace and reverence.

Spiritual Nightclub of the Soul

One morning, I saw a queue of souls all passing towards a large holding bay area.  The waiting area looked like some kind of spiritual night club, except no one was dancing.  There appeared to be a heavenly DJ looking down upon the dance floor.  Then, to add to the groove, incandescent blue searchlights roamed the dance floor from above.  It seemed these strobe lights were looking for souls that would best fit a new incarnation.

All the souls appeared to be unconscious, except for the DJ. They moved as if on a conveyer belt, similar to moving walkways at airports.  The main difference being that these heavenly conveyer belts were moving souls about at incomprehensible speeds.  I wondered if at their death, these souls did not have enough faith, or were carrying too much fear and pain, to pass consciously into the heavenly realms, and so were put to sleep in preparation for the next journey?