Heavenly Real Estate

One evening, after many days of intense soul expeditions, I felt like I was taken to the core of our galaxy.  I believe I had journeyed here before, through various celestial portals. Though, to be honest, at times it was very difficult to know where in my inner-space I was, given the vastness and newness of the territory. A travel brochure would’ve been very useful.

This time when I arrived at what I thought was our galactic centre, I witnessed the most unusual event. A brain-like probe appeared.  It seemed like a kind of cosmic surveyor mapping out a patch in the heavens.

As the probe mined this vibrant, unmanifested realm, it looked like 3- dimensional space was being created. I remember feeling quite in awe of the whole process, and was reminded of Judaic references of ‘true believers’ being promised a land of their own in the heavenly abodes.

A wondered weather our family was been secured a piece of ‘heavenly real estate’ .

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