Galactic Olympics

On one of my journeys I saw massive beings of light playing some kind of ball game.  It seemed like our solar system, in a particular dimension has a celestial personality which interacts with the personality of other solar systems. Us humans, being a life form on Earth, somehow perform a kind of function in our Solar Personalities wellbeing, yet from our perspective we’re just doing what makes us feel good.

I imagine it may be similar to what it would be like to be a cell in our body.  Our cells are born and have their own kind of consciousness that allows them to do what they need to do.  They feel good when they can perform their tasks properly, though they don’t really know how that task relates to the functioning of our body us a whole.  Like cells in our body, we too are performing a vital task for the Earth which performs some function for the celestial body of our Solar System.

With the vital service we provide, the personality of our Solar System can then go off and ‘play ball’ with other celestial bodies living in our galaxy.  What an extraordinary web of life. 

What I also find fascinating is the possibility that ‘mindset’ of our Solar Personality, which we are unconsciously serving, is affecting our own health and consciousness in the same way our personal beliefs and behaviours may affect the health of our cells.  So, the evolving consciousness of the universe is truly one and there may be no such thing as a ‘highly evolved realm’ but rather each realm has a diversity of consciousness beings as our Earthly realm does.

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