Divine hors de’oeuvre

On a number of occasions, during my soul journeys, my consciousness appeared to ascend in order to be consumed by a cosmic Godhead.

In 2017, this Godhead felt as if it was of a local nature, either at a solar-system or galactic level. I felt ecstatic as I experienced various ‘ascensions’ followed by the exhilaration of coming back down to Earth.  I was starting to feel very ‘special’ until one morning I was given an objective view of what I had been experiencing.  I could then see that my ‘pleasant’ experience was actually my soul being ‘eaten’ or consumed by a deity. As I ‘descended’ through his spiritual digestion system, the light that was given to me at the top of the ride, was shared to other beings in various layers of this cosmic kingdom.

I felt indignant that, after weeks of being ‘purified’ and feeling very ‘spiritual’, I was actually being prepared to be divine hors d’oeuvre. After I got over myself, I accepted how interconnected life is.  It seemed only natural that, given how we prepare and eat bits of creation every day, beings higher than us would also enjoy our essence as some kind of food— though obviously not in the same fashion as we enjoy our food.  And it would appear, from a soul’s perspective, that being eaten is quite pleasurable and sacred for everyone, when done in the right way.

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  1. Soul food to the Gods. Love it.

    Godheads gotta eat too right?

    Puts a real solemn take on the idea of enlightenment being this be-all and end-all type of deal. It reminds me that in the grand scheme of things, it’s ALL part of the circle of life/death, and that nothing lasts forever – not even true enlightenment.

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