Solitude Trench

During my soul journeys my consciousness appeared to traverse planetary, galactic and cosmic planes, that also corresponded with parts of my body. One morning, before dawn, it seemed as though I was delving into a deep watery realm or trench belonging to some oceanic location on Earth. It also appeared to simultaneously correspond with the right side of my torso and down my right leg. Drifting deeper into this trench, I became aware of an immense and beautiful sense of solitude.

As I continued to sink down into this otherworldly chasm, I felt increasingly compressed under the weight of intensifying solitude and peace. I descended for an hour or more, feeling the sublime beauty of this space. I found myself wondering about people I knew who had a strong need to be alone – and how easy it was for them to be judged for having this need.  I could imagine how this might then lead to pushing others away resulting in isolation and later depression. When I reached the bottom, I felt so compressed that I feared my light would be snuffed out – at this point I prayed for guidance. Then, as often would happen on these journeys, my consciousness miraculously resurfaced.

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