Down the Shute

One journey I appeared to have ascended into a heavenly abode where there where beings surrounding me.  As I reached out to touch one of them, I felt a flicker of my own desire and in a flash I found myself in a very different place.  By trying to initiate contact with one of these spiritual beings – without asking permission, I had crossed a boundary – and fell out of grace. It was like I had fallen down a garbage shoot into the bowels of this galactic mansion I’d been guided through.

I descended further and further.  The space I finally entered felt very empty. Once I reached the bottom, it was like I was sitting in a giant basin.  In the bottom of it there was a large drain into nothingness. I saw a dark fluid flowing into this drain. As it poured in, a tiny bit of luminescence was released.  My intuition told that this was a place of no return.   To pass through that drain was to become completely one with the unmanifested aspect of life, without any consciousness remaining. Or, it was as if the basic blocks of the universe, light matter and dark matter were being finely sifted – one element being consciousness and the other being presence or pure feeling.

Besides this eerie drain into nothingness, there was also some interesting bottom feeders, like cosmic decomposers, moving gracefully around the surface of the basin.  As they found something and ingested it, a little white glow emanated.  Like the cosmic drain itself, these scavengers seemed to be distilling light and dark-matter ready to be used to weave the dance of creation by the universe and its participants.  As I tried to ascend from this place, I became aware that I was in a labyrinth. Every time I passed through an opening upwards, I appeared in another version of where I had been.  Like a universal distillery or digestive system, the passages seemed endless.

After an indeterminable amount of traversing, I realised I was never going to make it out in a linear fashion – so surrendered to my inner sense of beingness or light within me to somehow lift me out.

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