The Grand Master

On one of my journeys, I appear to ascend to the upper most reaches of my soul or most distant edges of our universe, at which point I saw a vision of a celestial being sitting in a rotating chair.

He appeared to be collecting and re-directing vast amounts of cosmic information to his unseen angelic host of assistants below him.

I wondered ‘is this God?’. Though really couldn’t get my head around how that could be possible – being that God in my mind is formless and encompasses everything.

Uncomfortable with the idea of ‘meeting God’, it made more sense that this being was some kind of celestial grand master of our current Universe, though perhaps he was still a personification of the ‘almighty’. It’s hard to really know for sure, words are tricky things – especially with spiritual-mystical concepts. During my soul journeys I was often confronted with words like the divine mother, the lord, heavenly father – all pointing to slight different dimensions of governing deities of the mysterious one great life. Though this Grand Master was definitely the most removed and ‘all knowing’ from a personality point of view.

Regardless, while I was in a state of awe, my presence to the ‘the grand master’ appeared completely inconsequential to him.  This is quite different to many of the other encounters I had within my soul space, where I experienced an actual interaction or dialogue of sorts with different beings.

I suspect my life force, was so far removed from his power and responsibility, I would have been no more than a tiny spec of cosmic dust in his field.  In the same way we would be completely oblivious to the ‘soul’ of a molecule floating by us.

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