Angelic Robe Repair

Early this morning, during my inner-latihan, a sudden flash of angelic light, like a lighthouse strobe emblazoned my mind.  I felt slightly stunned and amazed – it was as if a pure beam of starlight had just penetrated my consciousness.

I also felt a degree of wariness. I knew from past experiences, that there would be a test later on in the day as a result of the increased sensitivity in my inner feeling. Even as I flagged this awareness and continued to follow my latihan, I still hoped to experience another ‘dose’ of this light. However, this was not meant to be..

Later in the morning, just before dawn, I felt the warning vibration signalling the onset of a particularly intense dream state or ‘out of body’ experience. I have experienced these strange ‘buzzy’ dreams dozens of times over the last twenty-five years.  Initially they were terrifying— they always begin with intense vibration leading into the dream and then, exiting the dream, I find it difficult to wake-up and ‘return to my body’.  Thankfully, over the years, I have learnt to surrender through them, and they have become far less scary. I was almost able to enjoy the last couple of experiences and managed to return into my body without struggle.

This morning when I felt the warning vibration begin, I prepared myself for wherever it would take me this time. However, right at the highest point of the vibration, instead of being swept out of my body, I was able to remain fully conscious. In my mind’s eye I saw a tear in a cloak of etheric material that reminded me of an angelic robe. As I bore witness to this, I saw the tear mend itself and felt the vibration lessen until I was back in a normal, surrendered, inner-latihan state.

An intense ringing remained in my right ear, as if I had just stood beside a jet engine taking off. I wondered, after twenty-five years, if it was the end of the ‘buzzy’ dreams. Had an old spiritual wound been finally healed? I guess only time will tell.