The Dark Hordes

One evening on return from a dinner out with a friend, I sensed of mass of dark entities trailing behind my car.  It felt like they were being drawn to me by a light that had been exposed by my soul’s recent revelations. I knew I had to stay calm and trust in my life’s journey, yet being conscious of this vast mass of opportunists made it difficult for me not to panic.

Thankfully, I arrived safely back at my hostel room, where I had previously bought some miniature statues of angels for protection.  I thought this was very amusing given my past scepticism towards spiritual trinkets. As I got ready for bed, a pack of dogs started howling across the road.  Their echoing calls in the bushland felt very ominous, heightening my feeling of vulnerability.

The following day, while I no longer could sense these dark entities, my feeling of vulnerability and being naked to the forces of the under-world intensified.  I felt like I needed protection.  Not knowing what else to do, or where to turn to, I decided to call an old friend of mine, who also happened to be a chaplain.

Thankfully, he agreed to see me at his school office.  I hadn’t seen him for seven years, yet we were once very close colleagues—we used to lead wilderness treks for teenagers who were struggling at school.  While on these treks, my colleague and I would discuss matters of spirituality and religion. I had doubted the ‘truth’ of the Bible, yet he was kind enough to explain his beliefs and understandings without any defensiveness or righteousness.

Now, sitting in his office, he listened to my experiences very intently for half an hour or more.  At the end of my explanation, I felt exhausted.  He looked at me sternly and said “I believe you”. This in itself was a blessing, as one of my greatest fears was being judged as ‘mad’ or ‘insane’.  He then suggested that we pray for protection, and taught me how Jesus was a great benefactor in these matters.

He put his arm across my shoulder, and it felt as if an immense cloak of protection wrapped itself over my exposed soul, and he began to pray.  I wept in relief.  Feeling the weight of his faith and sincerity of his prayer was sublime. It was the first time I had felt spiritually safe in days – if not weeks.  I knew at that moment, it was time for me to review my cynical thoughts regarding Christianity, The Bible and religion in general.

Later I was inspired to read some passages of the Bible. I remember one parable in particular where Jesus said that when the holy spirit cleans out the soul, lesser demons can no longer re-enter, so they go forth to find even more powerful entities to regain access.  If I hadn’t have experienced what I did that night, I would never have considered such a story to be plausible.